What’s Passion Church about?

It’s the first question everyone always asks. The answer is simple: Jesus Christ and people. We are passionate about cultivating an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. We are equally passionate about loving and blessing the people and the community around us, because God’s heart has been for the people from the beginning of time.

Passion Church is a network of simple churches that meet in dorms, apartments, cafés, and restaurants. We gather in groups with Christ as our center and the Bible as the ultimate authority.

So how do we do simple church?

Each meeting will be a little different but there are some things that every church gathering will do. We eat, fellowship, study and discuss the Bible, pray for each other, and worship. In the book of Acts we find that the believers not only devoted themselves to the apostle’s teaching and fellowship but the breaking of bread. Because we are so interested in following the New Testament church’s example (just kidding) our typical gathering starts with a meal. Then we will worship, wait on God as a body, and share testimonies/praise-reports. Next we get into the Word of God and then have ministry time. At Passion Church no one is a spectator; everyone gets involved!

What is our vision statement?

To see a people radically obedient to God’s Word bringing transformation to every campus, every workplace, every city, and every nation.

What is our mission statement?

To do our part in obeying Jesus’ great commission to reproduce radical disciples, leaders, churches, and movements from every campus to every people group in the world. Our heart is to see indigenous churches happening every place people are found.

What is our statement of faith?

We agree with the Lausanne Covenant, found here. Its attention to the inerrancy and authority of Scripture, emphasis of both evangelism and social justice, God’s purpose for the church and the importance of partnership and unity among local churches, the urgency of evangelism, and the reality that the church isn’t meant to destroy culture are just a few of the practical and Biblical reasons why we love the Lausanne Covenant.